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Expert Repair on all types of Antique & Atmos Clocks

We have over 30 years experience in successfully repairing all types of Antique & Atmos Clocks and we have the skills, knowledge and experience to properly repair your clock.
Our Clock Repair Services include all phases of antique clock repair and though we specialize in Atmos Clocks, we also repair and restore all types of Wall Clocks, Mantle Clocks and Grandfather clocks.

We Strive for Excellence:

The restoration of an antique clock or timepiece requires more then just knowledge of clock repair, it takes years of experience, commitment and dedication. We believe in taking the extra time to make certain that your timepiece is repaired properly the first time; it simply makes all the difference.

Our experience and reputation is often reflected in the kind messages and letters we receive from our many satisfied clock repair customers and we're happy to provide a list of those references upon your request.

Your Timepiece is safe with us

Every Clock we receive for repair is very important to us; whether it's the routine maintenance of a common mantle or wall clock or bringing back to life a treasured family heirloom, we treat each clock with very special care.

Rest assured that when you send us your clock, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to repair it and once completed, your timepiece will be safely returned to you in a minimal amount of time.

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Over 40 Years experience by
Swiss Master Clockmaker!



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