Atmos Clock Shipping Instructions


Shipping your Atmos Clock to us for repair is fairly simple and providing that you follow the Instructions as outlined here on this page, your clock will arrive to us safely.

Packing and Shipping your Atmos Clock


1. Before packing your clock first lock the Pendulum in place by sliding the Pendulum Locking Lever all the way to the right. Moving or shipping an Atmos clock without locking the Pendulum can cause damage to the movement. The Pendulum locking lever is either underneath the front of the clock or underneath the Dial, depending on the model.

When packing, do not place anything inside the movement area of the clock.

If your clock has " Case locking pins" on the sides, make certain these pins are securely fastened into place before packing the clock.

Use two sturdy boxes (see photo below):

2. Place the clock in a clean plastic bag and pack the clock in a small box first, using plenty of packing material. Place that box in a larger box again use plenty of packing material in between both boxes (see photo). You can use your original Atmos factory packing material for the inside packaging, if that is available.

Note: Boxes and packing material are sold at most major office supply stores and / or stores that ship packages. You can also find boxes and packaging at U-Haul and Ryder stores.



3.Click HERE for the *Repair Order Form*

Note: If you cannot print the Repair Order Form directly from the printer friendly Order Form web page, on a sheet of paper, include your name, address, phone, and e-mail address and include that with your clock.

Shipping Your Clock

We recommend UPS or FedEx when shipping your Atmos clock; both companies now offer economy ground shipping and both are very reliable. Both UPS and FedEx have Customer drop-off locations and many office supply stores offer shipping through both companies as well. You can also call UPS or FedEx directly and schedule a pick-up at your home.

IMPORTANT: Be certain to place adequate Insurance on your clock when shipping; $1,500 of insurance value (or higher) is suggested.

Our Shipping Address:

Atmos Clock Repair
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White Plains, MD 20695

Once we receive your clock we will examine it right away and contact you with an estimate - usually via e-mail, unless you refer that we contact you by phone with the Estimate.

We will not begin any repairs to your clock until we receive your authorization.



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