ATMOS Clock Case & Dial Restoration


Restore Your Atmos Clock to New Condition!


We can completely refinish your Atmos Clock from top to bottom, so that it will look factory fresh once again. Our Atmos Case Restoration Services includes new 24Kt Gold Plating and new Lacquer finish.

Atmos Case Restoration / Refinishing:

All Case Parts are disassembled, cleaned, polished and then re-plated with new 24KT Gold. A fresh coat of clear Lacquer is applied to the refinished Case parts to protect the beautiful new Gold finish. Average time required for Atmos Case Restoration is 6-8 weeks.

Case Restoration for most models of Atmos Clocks as outlined above - @ - *$675.00.

*Price for above Clock Case Restoration includes the refinishing of all outside case parts - top and bottom frames, the four posts and all visible screws. If necessary, we can also restore parts on the inside of your Atmos Clock for an extra charge, such as the Bellows Drum, inside bottom Base, and other parts of the clock that may need to be restored.

Atmos Case Restoration as described above can be performed at the same time that we are repairing the Movement on your clock such - as the Complete Movement Overhaul as outlined on our Atmos Clock Repair Page.

Atmos Dial Refinishing - Restore your Dial to new condition!

There are (3) types of original finishes on most Atmos Clock Dials:

1. A Painted Finish (White, Black)

2. A Silver Finish (Silvered Dial)

3. A Gold Finish (24KT Gold Plated Dial)

Atmos Dials can be restored to original condition as from factory. We can also restore your Dial to an alternate color; such as - a White Dial cab be refinished in Black and vice/versa. We can also restore White or Black Dials to a Silver or Gold finish, if requested.

Our Average turn-around time for Atmos Dial Restoration is approximately 6 weeks.

Restoration of a White or Black Atmos Dial - @ - $150.00

Restoration of a Silver or Gold Atmos Dial - @: $175.00

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