Expert Clock Dial Restoration


We Can Restore Your Antique Clock Dial to New Condition!

We offer professional restoration of all types of Antique Clock Dials, including Grandfather and Floor Clock Dials, Mantle & Wall Clock Dials and Atmos Clock Dials.

We can touch-up a Dial that has faded/worn numerals and lettering; we can repaint florals, patterns, designs and trademarks and we can completely restore a badly worn or damaged Dial to original condition.

Our Dial Restoration Services Include:

Roman & Arabic Dials - mantle & wall clocks
Designs & Lettering - wood and metal dials
Silver & Gold Dials - re-silvered or re-plated
Floor Clock Dials - repainted and restored
Wooden Dial Restoration & Porcelain Dials Repaired

For more information on our Clock Dial Restoration Services including pricing, please contact us with the type and size of your Clock Dial and the desired work requested or required.

You can also send us a digital photo of your Dial, however please contact us in advance via e-mail, before sending us any files with attachments.


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