Frequently Asked Questions about Atmos Clocks and our Repair Service.

1. How old is my Atmos Clock and how much is it worth?

Information about the age and type of your Atmos clock can be located on both our Atmos Dating Page and our Atmos Gallery Page.
You can also e-mail us with a description of your clock.

IMPORTANT: When contacting us via e-mail, please do not send messages with file attachments without first contacting us ahead of time.

2. How do I find out the Model or Serial Number of my Clock?

You can best determine the Model or 'Caliber' of your clock by visiting our Gallery Page and comparing your clock to others listed there and you can e-mail us with the serial number and/or description of your clock.

3. My Atmos Clock is currently not working, is there anything I can do to fix it myself?

If your Atmos clock was working properly until recently moved, or if it was accidentally 'jarred' you can follow the instructions for restarting your clock on our Atmos Clock Repair Page. Our repair charges are also listed on that same page.

Atmos clocks are extremely sensitive and delicate and must be repaired by an authorized Atmos Clock Professional only. It is not advisable to try and repair your clock on your own as you can easily cause more problems with the clock that could result in more repairs then necessary; therefore leave the repair of your clock to an expert.

4. My Atmos Clock is an older model and I believe the BELLOWS may need to be replaced, how do I check to see if the Bellows is good and can I buy one replace it myself in necessary?

An Atmos Bellows can last 25 - 30 years, sometimes longer depending on the environment of the clock; A properly functioning Bellows Unit should measure no more then 22mm from the inside bottom to the outside edge, when the unit is at room temperature. If the measurement is more then 22mm at room temperature, the Bellows is not functioning properly.

There is information on the Internet explaining how to remove an Atmos Bellows Unit and how to check if the unit is functioning, however we do NOT recommend you try this on your own without experience. As we say - consult an Atmos Clock expert when your clock needs service.

5. How often do Atmos Clocks need to be repaired and do they require any annual maintenance afterwards?

The Manufacture recommends that Atmos Clocks be cleaned and repaired every 20 years or so, or as needed; some clocks can run much longer before needing service, depending on their environment. Eventually, an Atmos clock will need to be cleaned and repaired at some point. Once an Atmos is properly repaired, no "annual maintenance' is required afterwards.

6. I'm concerned about shipping my clock off to someone I do not know; do you have any references?

We have been successfully repairing and restoring Atmos Clocks for many years and we are very experienced in all makes and models. We enjoy an excellent reputation with our customers and we'll be happy to supply you with a list of references upon request.

7. If I send you my clock, how long will the repair take and do you offer any type of Warranty?

The typical time required for the repair of an Atmos Clock is (approximately) 8 to 10 weeks. This length of time is required due to speed adjustments that must be performed, once an Atmos has been repaired. It's not unusual for the speed adjustment period to take an additional 5-6 weeks to get an Atmos speed corrected.

Our Warranty period for our Atmos Repair Service is technically 2 years; however, if there is a problem with your clock after this period, providing that your clock would only need a minor adjustment, there would be no additional charge.

8. Is it safe to ship my clock and what shipping method do you recommend?

You can find detailed Packing & Shipping information on our Packing & Shipping page. If you follow the packing information on that page, your clock will arrive to us safely.

9. How long will my Atmos clock continue to work once it has been repaired?

Since most Atmos Clocks run up to 20 years (or longer) before needing service, once your clock has been repaired and providing the clock is given proper care, you can expect your clock to run for many years before needing service again.

10. If I decide to have the Brass Parts (Case) Refinished by you, how long will the new finish last (and/or) can you refinish only the top or bottom part of my clock?

Once your Atmos Case has been restored and refinished by us, a clear coat of lacquer is applied to protect the finish; providing the clock is not excessively handled or improperly cleaned afterwards, the newly restored finish will last for many years.

We can refinish only a portion of the Case - such as the Bottom Bezel (frame) or the Top Bezel; however please understand that the refinished portion(s) often will not match the unfinished portions, i.e. one portion of the clock will look "new" and the rest of the clock will look "old", which is why we recommend refinishing the entire Case if necessary or if requested.

11. Do you buy or sell new or used Atmos Clocks?

We do occasionally purchase "Vintage" Atmos Clocks - either for resell or simply for parts, please contact us for more information.

12. Do you sell Atmos Clock Parts Separately?

We sell Atmos Parts in conjunction with the repair only. Our Contract with the Manufacture (Jaeger-LeCoultre), stipulates that we cannot sell Atmos "parts" separately.

We can and do sell replacement Atmos Glass Panels, Glass Doors and Plexi-glass Panels for all Atmos models, see our Repair Page.

13. Are Atmos Clocks still manufactured and if so where?

Since the late 1930's, Atmos Clocks have always been manufactured in the same factory, in the Jura Mountains in Switzerland, by highly skilled, master clockmakers and watchmakers. New models of Atmos clocks are manufactured each year.

14. Can you recommend any clock shops near my area that repair Atmos Clocks?

Repairing an Atmos Clock requires knowledge and training; many respected clock/watchmakers choose not to repair Atmos Clocks; rather, they prefer to send their Atmos Clock business to those of us in the Atmos Clock Trade, who is more experienced with these clocks.

15. Are you Authorized by the manufacture to repair Atmos Clocks?

We are authorized by Jaeger-LeCoultre to repair all models of Atmos Clocks and we are permitted to purchase parts directly from them when repairing Atmos Clocks. Only authorized Atmos Clock Repair Centers are allowed to purchase Atmos Parts from the manufacture.

16. How do Atmos Clocks work?

Atmos Clocks are unique, in that they run by "Perpetual Motion"; which means the clock runs under it's own power and/or the movement actually "winds itself"; its energy being drawn uniquely from variations in temperature, powered by a devise called the "Bellows Unit".

The 'Bellows Unit' is an "accordion like" devise that is located inside the Brass "Drum" in the rear of an Atmos Clock.

When the temperature rises, a special GAS sealed in the 'Bellows' unit EXPANDS inside this chamber which then compresses a "Spiral Spring' housed in the center of the Bellows Unit.

Likewise, when the temperature falls, this special Gas condenses ('shrinks') and the Spiral Spring slackens.

This tiny back-and-forth motion is actually winding the clock when needed. A Fluctuation of only one degree in temperature (plus or minus) is all that's needed in order to expand or contract the Gas in the Bellows.

There are of course many other parts that help drive and regulate an Atmos Clock, however the Bellows Unit plays a major role in the function of the clock.


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