Atmos Clock Repair Services

We specialize in complete restoration and repair of all types of Atmos Clocks and with more then 30 years experience,
we have the skills, knowledge and experience
to properly repair your Clock!

Expert Repair on ALL models including:

• Atmos Model/Caliber - Atmos II, 519, 522, 526, 532, 528 and 540.

• J.L. Reutter Mercury Bellows Models - (which is the original, Antique Atmos I).

• Gruen "Cosmos" (Wood Case Atmos) which is model/caliber 526

Recommended Repair - All Models & Calibers:

Complete Movement Overhaul Factory recommended every 20-30 years:

If your Atmos clock is not running properly and is at least 15 to 20 years old, or has been in storage for a long period of time, then your clock most likely needs what we refer to as a "Complete Movement Overhaul".

An 'Overhaul' on an Atmos Clock consists of an ultrasonic cleaning of the movement, all necessary repair and adjustments, plus recalibration (re-timing) the Movement. All Glass Panels are removed and cleaned while the clock is repaired.

*Parts that are worn and no longer functioning are also replaced at the time of the Overhaul (see below).

The Overhaul as described above will usually take care of most problems with Atmos Clocks and once repaired, the clock should continue to operate properly for many years.

The average repair time for the ‘Overhaul’ on most Atmos Clocks is approximately * 8-10 weeks, which includes the time required for speed adjustments. Our Work is completely warranted by us for two years.

*Complete Movement Overhaul as outlined above - @ - $325.00

*Atmos Parts:

There are (2) Main Parts of an Atmos Clock that often need replacement after the first 25 to 30 years:

1. Bellows Unit - The gas filled chamber located in the ‘Drum’ that helps power the clock; the Bellows Unit on an Atmos Clock can last as long as 30 years, however the actual life span of this unit will vary, depending on the environment of the clock.

Since the Bellows is constantly expanding and contracting even when the clock is in storage, over time this process causes wear to the Bellows chamber and therefore the Bellows will eventually need to be replaced.

If your Atmos Clock is at least 30 years old and still has the original Bellows and if the clock needs to be repaired, then we recommend that the Bellows be replaced at the same time of the ‘Overhaul’ as outlined above.

New Atmos Bellows Unit - @ - (e-mail us for current price)

2. Suspension Spring - The Steel Spring that suspends the Pendulum and regulates the movement.

The Suspension Spring may actually never need replacing unless the clock was not handled properly, such as moving the clock without first locking the Pendulum in place, improper handling, etc. (see Atmos Clock Care Page).

In some rare cases, the Suspension Spring of an Atmos Clock that is 50+ years may need to be replaced if the spring has an unusual amount of wear and does not function properly.

New Atmos Suspension Spring - @ - (e-mail us for current price)

A Note about Replacement Parts:

The 'Bellows Unit' and 'Suspension Spring' as described above are the two most commonly replaced parts on an Atmos Clock, however this does not necessarily mean that these two parts will need replacing if your Atmos needs repair.

Once we receive your Clock, we'll examine it right away and if any parts are required to repair your clock, the total price of the parts will be included at the time of the estimate.

Replacement Glass Doors & Panels:

We sell replacement glass doors and panels for most models of Atmos Clocks, including the Front Door Panels for Atmos 528 and 540. We also sell the top "plexi-glass" (plastic) panel for the newer Atmos 528 Models.

Our glass Panels are exactly the same size and thickness as used by the manufacture and will fit your Atmos Clock perfectly; we do NOT use the incorrect 'window type glass' as sold by most other sources.

To Purchase replacement glass, please e-mail us with the Serial Number and Model of your clock and we will quote you a price at that time. You can consult our Gallery page to determine the model and serial number of your clock when contacting us.

Atmos Clock Repair Estimates

We will not begin any repairs to your clock until we receive your authorization. Should you have any questions or concerns about sending your clock to us for repair, we will be happy to supply you with a list of customer references upon your request.

If you send us your clock for repair estimate and you do not wish to have the clock repaired at that time, there is no charge for the estimate, only for the amount of Shipping and Insurance to return your clock to you.

Depending on your location, return shipping charges average $20-$50 including insurance via UPS.


When sending your clock to us for repair please do not send payment in advance; we will notify you with a Complete Estimate of repair when we receive your clock.

Once your authorization is received and after your clock is repaired, we will be in touch with you again at that time so that you may send payment at that time.

We do expect payment in full once your clock is ready to ship back; we cannot 'store' your clock for an indefinite period of time once repaired.

Ready to ship your clock to us for repair?

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*Repair prices may be slightly higher for Atmos Clocks that are very old – such as Antique Mercury Bellows models. Repair prices may also be higher for Atmos Clocks that require a significant amount of repair, such as due to a previous fall, water/fire damage, etc.

Depending on the amount of work, the actual time required for the repair of your clock may be a bit longer then the 8-10 weeks quoted above.
Above prices are subject to change without notice.



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